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Janna Rolland

Janna Rolland


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Janna Rolland, MPA, has over twenty-five years of experience in building the capacity of the nonprofit sector, as an executive director, organizational development consultant, and facilitator. Over the years, Janna has worked with a wide range of local and national nonprofits and grantmakers, on planning, board and leadership development, executive and transition management, organizational assessment, and evaluation. She authored "A White Paper on Building Executive Leadership Capacity" for the Brainerd Foundation, was a co-creator of the inaugural Pacific Northwest Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute, and most recently directed and facilitated the new Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship for Social Venture Partners.

Janna is known for creating inclusive, participatory processes with her clients that lead to positive outcomes and enhanced working relationships. She is recognized for helping boards, staff, and coalitions improve their effectiveness through a thoughtful, flexible, positive, problem-solving approach. Janna has helped over 70 organizations assess their organizational strengths and weaknesses, in addition to determining priorities for developing capacity and increasing outcomes.

Janna started her consulting practice in 2003; previously she served as the first executive director of the national grantmaker, Community Toolbox for Children’s Environmental Health, and director of the New Mexico Physicians for Social Responsibility, after starting her career working on the intersection between environment, health and public policy in Washington, DC. Janna is Past President and remains a Board member of the Washington Toxics Coalition; she also serves as a Trustee of the Northwest Fund for the Environment. In addition, Janna was Board Chair and longtime Board member of the national Institute for Children’s Environmental Health. Janna holds a “mid-career” Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, with an emphasis on leadership and management, and a B.A. in mathematics from Wellesley College.