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Nonprofit Resources

The following are links to sites that you may find useful in your nonprofit operations:

Internal Revenue Service—Information for Tax-Exempt Organizations
This site explains the different types of tax-exempt organizations and how to apply for tax-exempt status. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions about tax-exempt organizations, IRS forms that can be downloaded, and articles on topics such as unrelated-business income tax, lobbying by tax-exempt organizations, and charitable remainder trusts.

Guidestar gathers and distributes information on more than 600,000 public charities, free-of-charge at its web site. In the coming year, they will provide current financial data on 200,000 of the largest of these organizations.

Standards for Accountability
This BBB site describes the standards that NFPs must strive to follow to be ethical and accountable in their service operations, governance, human resources, financial management, and fundraising.

Nancy Bell Evans Center
University of Washington's Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits & Philanthropy maintains an annotated and up-to-date bibliography of on-line resources for nonprofit organizations.  This comprehensive listing, available through the Center's website, includes resources from local, regional, and national organizations.

Nonprofit Risk Management Center
This center helps charities identify and reduce the legal and financial risks facing their organizations. It has a newsletter, lists of books that can be purchased and some free articles on on risk subjects.

Idealist Nonprofit FAQs
The Nonprofit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is based on questions and answers about nonprofit organizations exchanged on the Internet since 1994. Suggestions and corrections are always welcome. Categories include:Organization, Management, Regulation, Resources, and Development.

The Nonprofit Resource Center
This site provides links to other web sites that contain information for NFP groups. Categories of links include legal information, fund raising, financial management, governance, consultants, advocacy, publication, and research on the NFP world.