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Legal & Tax Issues

From the birth of your organization and through all stages of its organizational growth, legal review and services can provide vital help in  navigating each step as your organization develops.  Moreover, as the Internal Revenue Service and other government regulators increase their scrutiny of nonprofit organizations and their operations, our consultants can help you 

Our legal consultants have specialized in helping nonprofits understand and comply with state and federal laws for many years.  Our consultants can help with the following:

  • Incorporation and preparation of bylaws
  • Application for federal tax exemption
  • Acquisition, merger or consolidation
  • Conversion to a nonprofit
  • Review of bylaws and governance policies
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Dissolution
  • Tax-exempt bond financing
  • Compliance with federal tax law

Tax Preparation and Review Services

Preparation of annual federal tax returns is only the beginning of the tax services we offer not-for-profit clients. While tax return preparation is completed annually, clients find it useful to consult with us more regularly regarding potential tax issues. Due to public access to your Organization’s IRS Form 990, we make sure these returns are accurately prepared and reflect the Organization and its activities in the most positive light. In addition, we provide prompt and proactive tax consulting services in many areas including:

  • Unrelated business income tax issues,
  • State excise taxes,
  • Property tax exemptions,
  • Mergers and reorganizations,
  • Preparation of ruling requests regarding state and federal tax issues, and
  • Assistance with audits by federal and state taxing authorities.
Consultant(s) offering this service:

Judy Andrews

Judy Jones