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Workshops and Training

SfG consultants have a broad range of nonprofit management experience and are professional trainers and educators. Workshop and Training topics are tailored to organizational needs. Among the many and popular topics include:

  • Board Role in Fundraising
  • Nuts and Bolts of Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising in a Turbulent Economy
  • Governance Models that Work
  • Building a Trusting and Effective Team
  • Using Social Media Networking to Grow Your Support Base
  • And many more!


Organizational retreats serve many purposes. Whether the off-site meeting is for all –staff, board members, or a combination of staff and volunteers, a retreat provides a valuable opportunity to discuss important issues that require more time and focus or that are not part of the ‘business as usual’ agenda. Successful retreats require expert facilitation. SfG consultants assist with designing a constructive agenda. There are many approaches we take depending on the organization’s interests and needs, including:

  • Large system interventions
  • Open space technology
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Structured discussions.

Topics vary and are always tailored to each organization. Among common themes for retreats:

  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning
  • Program review and revision
  • Board work plans
  • Team building

A useful retreat will have a summary report and clearly articulated agreements. Often, a facilitated follow-through conversation will help to keep initiatives moving forward. SfG consultants are skilled at all of the phases of retreat planning, facilitation and follow-through. Often training is required as part of the retreat. We are prepared to meet learning needs in addition to facilitating constructive conversations.

Consultant(s) offering this service:

Molly Harper

Bob Ness

Mary Murray



Janna Rolland

Dave Sharp